Featured Designer: Lindsey from SA Jolie

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Project1Meet Lindsey, the creative powerhouse behind the French-Inspired Jewelry Boutique, SA Jolie!  Her Etsy shop has an amazing variety of original jewelry designs, including custom pendent necklaces, key chains, hair clips and beautiful vintage pieces.  With over 1000 sales, Lindsey is a seller on the rise!

Beautiful is Strong Charm NeckalceHow did you become interested in jewelry making?

Like most ladies, I have always adored jewelry, but found that I couldn’t find the pieces I liked on the high street.  Actually, let me rephrase that; I couldn’t find the pieces I liked for the right price.  So it got me thinking that I should start making my own.  A few months down the line, I thought other ladies must be having a similar shopping experience and I decided to open an online store.

PackagingTell us about your experience opening an Etsy shop.

Opening a shop was the easy part; getting customers to your shop is a little more difficult.  It’s a full time job, keeping your store fresh and updated.  The main key, I find, is having good photos.  Online customers are buying with their eyes.  They don’t have the option to touch and feel the product, so you need everything to come across is just five photos.

What type of jewelry products do you carry in your Etsy shop?

An eclectic fusion of Bohemian, Spiritual, Cowgirl and Charm.  You will find something for all jewelry styles within my large collection of Vintage and Handmade pieces.  I love nothing more than a custom order!

Bottle Opener Charm NecklaceWhat inspires your work?

Throughout my life, I have always been inspired by the French, whether it was my previous business of selling chic French furniture and décor to the little jewelry store that I have today.  I guess I inherited my love of French things from my Grandma, and of course the wonderful summers spent in the romantic French countryside.

SONY DSCWho is your ideal customer?

I don’t believe there is an ideal customer, but I love hearing feedback from my customers.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own jewelry business?

Have patience. It does take a while to get your new business off the ground. At first, when you are just seeing those odd sales and you think it’s not going to work out, instead, persevere! The rewards are there for those who work hard.

Moon Love Key ChainWhen you aren’t making jewelry, what are you doing?

I lead quite the hectic life.  Life for my family and I always seems to be on the move.  I am an ex-pat, having moved to the US from the old market town of Bakewell, in Derbyshire England.  I have been living in the states now for just over seven years.  I have been in Houston for 18 months, and actually spend my time between our two homes in Houston and Fort Worth.  When I’m not making jewelry, I am either travelling, cooking or reading.

You can follow all the latest from Lindsey and SA Jolie at:


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