Tutorial Tuesday: Pearl Drop Earrings

Tutorial Tueday

Pearl Drop EarringsLearn how to create these lovely Pearl Drop Earrings in today’s Tutorial Tuesday!  They only take about 10 minutes to make and the process is super easy.  Depending on the type of materials and the brands you opt to use, these earrings are also very low-cost.  I am using Tahitian-coloured Swarovski Pearls and all of my metal is silver-plated, which, at my cost levels, is approximately $0.56 per pair of earrings!  Follow along with the tutorial below and you’ll be making these low cost, high impact earrings in no time!

Pearl Drop Earrings                                                            Time: Approx. 10 minutes

Tools & MaterialsMaterials & Tools

  1. Pair of earwires                 1
  2. 1 ½ in. Headpins                2
  3. 2.5mm Cable Chain          1 in.
  4. Floral Bead Caps               2
  5. 6mm Pearls                        2
  6. Flat Nose Pliers
  7. Round Nose Pliers
  8. Wire Cutters


Steps 1-31. Using your wire cutters, cut your piece of cable chain in half so you have two ½ inch pieces.

2. Place a 6mm Pearl on to a Headpin followed by a Floral Bead Cap. Repeat with the remaining Headpin, Pearl & Floral Bead Cap.

3. Using your Round Nose Pliers and Wire Cutters, form a loop with the Headpins above the Floral Bead Caps to create the pearl drops. You can do a simple loop or a wire wrapped loop.  The wire wrapped loop is more secure and incorporated the added detail of the spiral wire wrapping.

Step 44. Using your Flat Nose Pliers, attach one piece of your Cable Chain to each of the Pearl Drops’ loops. If the chain you are using is ‘finished’ chain, use Jump Rings to make the attachments in steps 4 and 5.

5. Using your Flat Nose Pliers, attach the other end of your Cable Chain to each of the earwires.

Variations & Design Ideas

  • Instead of hooked earwires, try using stud earrings with loop for attachments. The picture on the lower left shows two pairs of custom Pearl Drop Earrings made using stud earrings!
  • Incorporate more than one Pearl Drop on to the earring design. The picture on the lower right shows a pair of Pearl Drop Earrings I made for myself using three pearl drops per earring, all hanging at slightly different lengths and different pearl sizes.
  • Use a shorter Pearl Drop for a demure, lady-like look. Use a longer chain for an edgier flare!

Jewelry Makers’ Tips

  • Try using two sets of Flat Nose Pliers. It makes the opening and closing of chains and jump rings a breeze!


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