Trend Watch: Yellow Gold

Trend Watch

Gold NuggetGold is the penultimate classic.  Its seductive luster captivates us all.  Wars have been waged for gold.  Gold can drive a man crazy and cause a woman to faint.  Our desire for this shining, yellow ore transcends all barriers of our collective human existence.  Gold has been used throughout human history as a form a currency, in religious artifacts and as an adornment for our bodies.  And as we have discovered and created new metals and alloys that are prized and sought after, white gold, sterling silver, and platinum to name just a few, the trend of yellow gold has come and gone and come again.  No matter how long we stay away from the deep shining hues of yellow gold, we always return to its eternal glow.

Yellow Gold Collage

1. West Indian Gold Bangle by BetterJewelry 2. Eternity Ring Band by SargosJewelry 3. Tiny Gold Drop Earrings by FelisaJewelry  4. Gold Infinity Necklace by PyramidJewelry 5. Tree Trunk Men’s Cufflinks by WilsonBrothers

And as luck would have it, yellow gold is, once again, trending.  Gold is popping up everywhere, and it is glorious!  Personally, I have always been drawn to metals that are silver in colour, but with the amazing influx of creative and beautiful jewelry in yellow gold, I am becoming a convert!  I will definitely be adding some more yellow gold pieces to my jewelry collection soon!  Add some seductively beautiful gold to your personal jewelry and accessory collection with a few of the amazing pieces shown above, all made by incredibly talented Etsy artisans!


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