Friday Favs: Citrus Showdown

Friday Favourites

Citrus - Collage

1. Lime Slice Pendant by flonightingales 2. Vodka Drinking Shirt by zbasement 3. Orange Citrus Earrings by whimsydaisydesigns  4. Meyer Lemon Lollipops by sweetnothingsbk  5. Sunshine Orange Tangerine Soap by eviesoap

 The first official day of summer, June 21st, is less than two weeks away.  And even though summer has not technically begun, the heat has already arrived, especially here in East Texas!!  Citrus, in all of its amazing forms, is one of my favourite ways to combat the heat.  Whether it is the energizing smell of grapefruit, the refreshing taste of lemons, or simply to beautiful colours of the fruit, citrus is ultimate way to feel the freeze on a sweltering summer day.  Cool down with some of the amazing citrus finds from some talented Etsy artisans!


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