Tutorial Tuesday: Lariat Necklace

Tutorial Tueday

Lariat 1Today’s tutorial will show you how to make a quick and easy Lariat Necklace.  These trendy necklaces come in a variety of styles, from cowboy chic to elegant evening wear, and every one of these styles is fabulous in its own way.  Follow the tutorial below to create my version of the Lariat Necklace: simple, beautiful and elegant.  And best of all, you can make this necklace yourself in under 10 minutes with minimal supplies!

 Lariat Necklace                                                                                 Time: 5-10 minutes

Materials & ToolsMaterials & Tools

  • 18 inch Chain Necklace       1
  • ½ inch Silver Hoop                1
  • 4mm Jump Rings                 2
  • Pendant or Charm                1
  • Flat Nosed Pliers
  • Wire Cutters


1.  Cut the 18 inch Chain Necklace into two pieces using your Wire Cutters.  One piece should be 8 inches long, the other piece should be 10 inches long.

Step 2 2.  Attach the Silver Hoop to end of the 8-inch piece of Necklace Chain using your Flat Nosed Pliers and a Jump Ring.  For my hoop, I am using the circular portion of a toggle clasp.  The circle is the right size and I like the oxidized details on it.

Step 3 3.  Attach the Pendant or Charm to the end of the 10-inch piece of Necklace Chain using your Flat Nosed Pliers and a Jump Ring.  For my pendant, I am using a wire wrapped Swarovski Crystal, but any type of pendant or charm can work beautifully.  It’s completely up to your personal aesthetic!

 4.  Thread the 10-inch piece of Necklace Chain through your Silver Hoop.  Voila! All done!

Design Ideas & Variations

  • For ease of creation, I used a pre-made necklace and simply cut it in two. The same can be achieved with unfinished chain and a separate clasp.
  • Instead of using a single pendant for your lariat, try using a petite cluster of gemstones or charms for a more intricate look.
  • Try adding an extension-chain to your clasp. It gives the wearer a length option.  Finish the extension chain with a coordinating crystal, charm or bead.

Jewelry Maker’s Tips

  • If you’re like me and your make your own jump rings, don’t forget to work harden them with a dappling hammer or pliers.
  • Try using two sets of Flat Nosed Pliers; it makes opening and closing jump rings super easy.

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