Trend Watch: Statement Earrings

Trend Watch

Statement Earring Collage

1. Hot Pink Spike Earrings by JewelryByCarmal 2. Extra Long Tassle Earrings by ReasonToBePretty 3. Pink Paper Earrings by GermanistikArt  4. Modern Fiber Earrings by KiaFilStudios  5. Pink Soutache Statement Earrings by MANJApl

Statement earrings are HUGE this year.  And I mean that literally and figuratively!  From the catwalk to the grocery store, everywhere you look, you are bound to see uniquely beautiful, sometimes unusual, but always enviable statement earrings.  My personal aesthetic has always led me to demure, petite earrings.  However, with the explosion of amazing, attention grabbing ear-gear, I am becoming a convert to the Statement Earring trend!  The collage above features some of my favourite Statement Earrings from talented Etsy artisans, all in lovely shades of pink, ruby, and marsala.  Grab a pair today and join one of the best jewelry trends of 2015!


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