Tutorial Tuesday: Galaxy Earrings

Tutorial Tueday

Galaxy Earrings 4With just glitter, adhesive and minimal supplies, you can create beautiful galaxy jewelry!  Show off the stars with these easy and fun to make earrings!  While this tutorial only takes 15 minutes of active time, you will need to let the earrings dry overnight twice.  Be patient!  The results are worth it!

Materials & Tools                                                         Time: 15 min. active time

  • Materials & ToolsEarwires w/attached settings
  • Fine Glitter
  • Diamond Glaze Adhesive
  • Mixing Cup
  • Toothpick/Mixing tool
  • Paint brush


Step 11.  Take your earwires with attached settings and stabilize them, setting cup facing up, using some clay, fabric or other pliable material.  I slip a few layers of fabric between the setting cup and the earwire hook.  This allows the earwires to sit up right as they dry and makes it easier to work with them.  I am using ‘Almost Instant’ earwires from firemountaingems.com.

Step 22. Place a small amount of glitter into your mixing cup.  Add a little bit of Diamond Glaze and stir together.  The consistency should be thick, but silky.  Slowly add glitter and Diamond Glaze bit by bit until you have enough to fill both of the setting cups on your earwires.  I am using a black glitter with a little bit of iridescent glitter mixed in.  The resulting look is an iridescent black that looks like a deep space galaxy full of stars!

3. Using your toothpick or mixing tool as a guide, gently fill the setting cups on your earwires.  Fill the cups slowly to avoid any air bubbles.  Use your toothpick to guide the glitter mixture to the edges of the setting cups.  The glitter mixture level should reach and bubble up past the rim of the setting cup.  Discard any excess glitter mixture.  Let the glitter mixture dry completely, ideally overnight.

Step 44. Once your glitter mixture is completely dried in the setting cups, apply a light layer of Diamond Glaze to the top of the glitter mixture.  Let dry for two hours.  Repeat 1-3 times as desired.  After application of your final layer of Diamond Glaze sealer, let the earrings dry overnight.  You can use any sealant or glaze you like.  I like the Diamond Glaze because it has a bit of an opalescent quality to it, that adds a bit of sparkle of and shine, which is what we are going for with galaxy earrings!  One the earrings are completely dry, they are ready for wear or gifting!

Important Note: These earrings are water resistant but not water proof.  Do not submerge these earrings in water.  I do not recommend wearing these earrings in the shower, bath, pool, hot tub, etc.  

Design Ideas and Variations

  • Use any of the settings in the Almost Instant Jewelry Collection to create galaxy jewelry.
  • Try experimenting with different glitter colours! Mix blues to mimic the ocean depths, or try pinks and purples for your favourite girl!

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