Friday Favs: Buzzing Bees

Friday Favourites

Bees - Collage

1. Bee T-Shirt by FriendlyOak 2. Gold Honeycomb Ring by RecocoNYC 3. Brass Bee Stud Earrings by AllCraftSharing  4. Bee Note Cards Set  by PetitePaperie  5. Beeswax Candles by SweetBeeHoney

Bees play an essential role in agriculture.  Thanks to bees and their pollination process, we are able to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and more.  Unfortunately, bee populations are experiencing wide-spread decimation from Colony Collapse Syndrome (CCS).  While the exact cause is of CCS is unknown, the mysterious syndrome has caused the deaths of millions of bees.  So, next time you see one our fuzzy yellow friends, don’t swat him away; just let him live in peace!   If you’re scared of our pollenating pals, try warming up to them with a few of the amazing bee-related finds in the collage above, all from talented Etsy artisans!


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