Friday Favs: Lovely Literature

Friday Favourites

Bookworm - Collage

1. Edgar Allan Poe Cuff Bracelet by accessoreads 2. Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice T-Shirt by NerdGirlTees 3. Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre Quote by gbloomstudio  4. Ernest Hemingway Flask by Fantasticum  5. F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby Book Shoulder Bag by BagsyMeFirst

I love to read since I was a child.  Almost every summer of my childhood, my mother would sign me and my sisters up for the local library’s summer reading program.  We would receive a road map that told us what type of books to read and in what order to read them.  I always enjoyed the challenge of reading all the various books and loved being transported into different worlds!  Even though I’m too old to participate in the library’s summer reading program anymore, I still love to read, especially during the summers. Infuse some literary spirit into your life with some of the book and author inspired finds in the collage above, all from talented Etsy artisans!


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