Tutorial Tuesday: Hand-Chain Bracelet

Tutorial Tueday

Hand Chain Bracelet CollageToday, I’d like to show you how to make a Hand-Chain Bracelet, more commonly known as a Slave Bracelet.  I love this style of bracelet and the infinite variety you can create with it.  Please note that the amount of chain needed will vary with your individual wrist & hand size.  The tutorial is written for my specific wrist/hand size (6 inches).  Simply adjust the measurements needed for your individual wrist & hand size.

Hand-Chain Bracelet                                                                  Time: Approx. 10 min

Tools & MaterialsMaterials & Tools

  • 4mm Curb Chain       14 cm
  • 5mm Cable Chain     14 cm
  • ¾ Hoop                          1
  • Lobster Clasp               1
  • 5mm Jump Rings       2
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters


Step 1 & 21. Attach the lobster clasp to the 4mm Curb Chain using your Flat Nose Pliers to create your wrist chain.

2. Cut your 2.5mm Cable Chain into two pieces: 9cm and 5cm

Step 3 & 43. Attach both ends of the 9cm cable chain piece to the hoop using a jump ring and your Flat Nose Pliers.

4. Attach your 5cm piece of cable chain to the hoop using a jump ring and your Flat Nose Pliers. At the end of this step, your bracelet should look like the picture to the right.

5. Attach the loose end of your 5cm cable chain piece directly to the center-most link of the wrist chain using your flat nosed pliers.

 Variations & Design Ideas

  • Use 1 center chain and adorn with crystal beads for a sparkly, fun look. Use pearl beads for bridal accents!
  • Adapt this tutorial to make barefoot sandles!

 Jewelry Makers’ Tips

  • Try using two sets of chain nose pliers. It makes the opening and closing of chains & jump rings a breeze!
  • If you’re like me and you make your own jump rings, don’t forget to work harden them with your pliers or with a dappling hammer.