Tutorial Tuesday: Beaded Wine Charms

Tutorial Tueday

Wine CharmsFor this edition of Tutorial Tuesday, I am showing you how to make Beaded Wine Charms!  Avoid grabbing the wrong wine glass at your next cocktail party by making these super chic and incredibly easy wine charms!  These little gems make amazing hostess and housewarming gifts and are perfect for bridal parties.  Don’t forget to post your creations in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions you might have!!

Beaded Wine Charms                                                                Time: Approx. 10 min

Tools and MaterialsMaterials & Tools

  • 6mm Bicone Crystals               4
  • 4mm Bicone Crystals               8
  • 4mm Floral Rondelles              8
  • 5mm Round Silver Beads        8
  • 25mm Silver Hoops                   4
  • Flat Nosed Pliers

Note: You need four different colours of Bicone Crystals.  In each colour, you should have one (1) 6mm Bicone Crystal and two (2) bicone crystals.  Each wine charm should be only one colour for easy identification.


Step 11.  Straighten the end of the wire hoop using flat nosed pliers by gently bending from a 90 degree angle into a straight line. Wire should be straight enough to allow beads to slide on the hoop easily.

Step 22.  Add beads to the wire hoops in the following order: 2.5mm Round Silver Bead, 4mm Bicone Crystal, 4mm Floral Rondelle, 6mm Bicone Crystal, 4mm Floral Rondelle, 4mm Bicone Crystal, 2.5mm Round Silver Bead.

Step 33.  Bend the end of the hoop back to its original position using flat nosed pliers.

 Variations & Design Ideas

  • Use a variety of bead types for different looks (pearls, seed beads, etc). I used Swarovski Crystals for an elegant, timeless look.
  • Add charms for a themed set.
  • Use the same steps above to create some simple hoop earrings.