Friday Favs: Creative Camping

Friday Favourites

Camping - Collage

1. Camping Kinda Girl T-shirt by Yesteeyear 2. Mountain Necklace by lulubugjewelry 3. Camp Tents Birthday Card by SnowFlowerPaperCo  4. Happy Camper Print  by SunshinePrintsCo  5. Vintage Enamel Mugs by LArriereBoutique

Growing up, the summers were always filled with family camping trips.  Whether we were in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains or on the sandy beaches of the Nachotta Wildlife Preserve, we were ready to go with our tents, enamel tableware and bug spray!  I always get a big nostalgic for those camping trips this time of year.  Luckily, Etsy is filled with camping related items to help me cure my camping related blues, like the amazing items above!


Friday Favs: Lovely Literature

Friday Favourites

Bookworm - Collage

1. Edgar Allan Poe Cuff Bracelet by accessoreads 2. Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice T-Shirt by NerdGirlTees 3. Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre Quote by gbloomstudio  4. Ernest Hemingway Flask by Fantasticum  5. F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby Book Shoulder Bag by BagsyMeFirst

I love to read since I was a child.  Almost every summer of my childhood, my mother would sign me and my sisters up for the local library’s summer reading program.  We would receive a road map that told us what type of books to read and in what order to read them.  I always enjoyed the challenge of reading all the various books and loved being transported into different worlds!  Even though I’m too old to participate in the library’s summer reading program anymore, I still love to read, especially during the summers. Infuse some literary spirit into your life with some of the book and author inspired finds in the collage above, all from talented Etsy artisans!

Friday Favs: Poolside Perfection

Friday Favourites

Poolside - Collage

1. Blue Feather Tattoo by myTaT on Etsy 2. Lavender Mint Sunscreen Stick by OnHandLotions on Etsy 3. Blue Spiral Flip Flops by RDeLean on Etsy  4. Monogrammed Canvas Bag by GirlCandyShop on Etsy  5. Blue & Green Peshtemal Beach Towel by TheSultanasHammam on Etsy

August brings some of the hottest temperatures of the year!  It’s sweltering here in East Texas and one of the best ways to beat the heat is to go for a dip in the pool!  Need some poolside supplies before you take a plunge?  Consider some of the great options from the collage above, all by talented Etsy artisans!

Friday Favs: Bursting Bubbles

Friday Favourites

Bubbles - Collage

1. Sapphire Water Necklace by JewellRay  2. Turquoise Pillow Cover by GigglesofDelight  3. Blue Circle Earrings by Mathysa  4. Blue Circle Cufflinks by CuffCuff  5. Aquatic Shower Curtain by KessInHouse

As a child, I spent countless hours swimming in an effort to avoid the California heat.  I would dive in, spin around and watch as the bubbles floated back to the surface over my head.  Now here we are at the end of July and I am headed to the swimming pool!  If you don’t have a pool to help keep you cool, perhaps one of the bubble inspired items from the collage above will help you achieve a colder temp with the power of suggestion.  😉

Friday Favs: Buzzing Bees

Friday Favourites

Bees - Collage

1. Bee T-Shirt by FriendlyOak 2. Gold Honeycomb Ring by RecocoNYC 3. Brass Bee Stud Earrings by AllCraftSharing  4. Bee Note Cards Set  by PetitePaperie  5. Beeswax Candles by SweetBeeHoney

Bees play an essential role in agriculture.  Thanks to bees and their pollination process, we are able to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and more.  Unfortunately, bee populations are experiencing wide-spread decimation from Colony Collapse Syndrome (CCS).  While the exact cause is of CCS is unknown, the mysterious syndrome has caused the deaths of millions of bees.  So, next time you see one our fuzzy yellow friends, don’t swat him away; just let him live in peace!   If you’re scared of our pollenating pals, try warming up to them with a few of the amazing bee-related finds in the collage above, all from talented Etsy artisans!

Friday Favs: BBQ Essentials

Friday Favourites

BBQ - Collage

1. Smoked Salts by SpiceExpressions 2. BBQ Grill Master Apron by CorndogTees  3. Pig into Bacon Print by idrux 4. Deluxe BBQ Grill Utensil Set by PBPersonalizedGifts  5. Keep Calm & BBQ T-Shirt by Bergriver

 Who doesn’t love a barbeque?  Cooking outside is a perfect way to avoid heating up your home with your oven.  Need a few things before you can start this weekend’s BBQ?  Consider some of the amazing finds above from talented Etsy artisans!

Friday Favs: Beautiful Bracelets

Friday Favourites

Bracelets - Collage

1. Blue Murano Glass Bangle Bracelet by JKCJewels  2. Silver & Gold Inflexible Bracelet by cremerdani  3. Vintage Silver Lotus Flower Cuff by VintageArtAndCraft  4.  Turquoise & Leather Bracelet by mysticdukkan  5. Starlight Night Bracelet by MonistoJewelry

Bracelets are an essential for any well rounded jewelry collection.  I make beaded and bead-woven bracelets for the Poskett’s Etsy Shop.  I wish I knew how to make more styles and type of wrist candy.  Fortunately for me, there are bunches of amazing Etsy artisans that make all those styles that I cannot!  Check some out from the collage above!