Trend Watch: Marsala

Trend Watch

Marsala Colour SwatchSince 2000, Pantone selects Colour of the Year.  Whether the brains at Pantone make this decision by doing copious amounts of research or by simply flipping a coin is a mystery.  But what we do know, is that whatever colour they announce becomes an overnight sensation.  The colour invades our choices for clothing, jewelry, accessories, home décor and more!  Pantone’s selections over the past 16 years have been varied but always slightly feminine with fun and creative names.  Radiant Orchid from 2014 and Blue Iris from 2008 are personal favourites of mine, while 2012’s Tangerine Tango and True Red from 2002 fall a bit short for me.

The Colour of the Year for 2015 is MarsalaMarsala can best be described as a deep red with hints of earthy brown.  Before Marsala became Marsala, we knew this colour as burgundy, wine red, merlot, crimson, brick, maroon and more.  Pantone says that Marsala was chosen as 2015’s colour of the year because of its appeal to both men and women, it is flattering against many different skin tones, brings warmth into home interiors and looks great for printing.  Check out some great Marsala finds below, all from talents Etsy artisans!




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Trend Watch: Statement Earrings

Trend Watch

Statement Earring Collage

1. Hot Pink Spike Earrings by JewelryByCarmal 2. Extra Long Tassle Earrings by ReasonToBePretty 3. Pink Paper Earrings by GermanistikArt  4. Modern Fiber Earrings by KiaFilStudios  5. Pink Soutache Statement Earrings by MANJApl

Statement earrings are HUGE this year.  And I mean that literally and figuratively!  From the catwalk to the grocery store, everywhere you look, you are bound to see uniquely beautiful, sometimes unusual, but always enviable statement earrings.  My personal aesthetic has always led me to demure, petite earrings.  However, with the explosion of amazing, attention grabbing ear-gear, I am becoming a convert to the Statement Earring trend!  The collage above features some of my favourite Statement Earrings from talented Etsy artisans, all in lovely shades of pink, ruby, and marsala.  Grab a pair today and join one of the best jewelry trends of 2015!

Trend Watch: Yellow Gold

Trend Watch

Gold NuggetGold is the penultimate classic.  Its seductive luster captivates us all.  Wars have been waged for gold.  Gold can drive a man crazy and cause a woman to faint.  Our desire for this shining, yellow ore transcends all barriers of our collective human existence.  Gold has been used throughout human history as a form a currency, in religious artifacts and as an adornment for our bodies.  And as we have discovered and created new metals and alloys that are prized and sought after, white gold, sterling silver, and platinum to name just a few, the trend of yellow gold has come and gone and come again.  No matter how long we stay away from the deep shining hues of yellow gold, we always return to its eternal glow.

Yellow Gold Collage

1. West Indian Gold Bangle by BetterJewelry 2. Eternity Ring Band by SargosJewelry 3. Tiny Gold Drop Earrings by FelisaJewelry  4. Gold Infinity Necklace by PyramidJewelry 5. Tree Trunk Men’s Cufflinks by WilsonBrothers

And as luck would have it, yellow gold is, once again, trending.  Gold is popping up everywhere, and it is glorious!  Personally, I have always been drawn to metals that are silver in colour, but with the amazing influx of creative and beautiful jewelry in yellow gold, I am becoming a convert!  I will definitely be adding some more yellow gold pieces to my jewelry collection soon!  Add some seductively beautiful gold to your personal jewelry and accessory collection with a few of the amazing pieces shown above, all made by incredibly talented Etsy artisans!

Trend Watch: Stacking Rings

Trend Watch

Stacking Rings Collage1. Name & Birthstone Stacking Rings by RiverValleyJewelry 2. Cubic Zirconia Ring Set by WatchMeWorld 3. Birthstone Stack Rings by EleaJewelry  4. Hammered Gold Stacking Rings by NaturalAbstract  5. Triangle Stackable Rings by AquarianThoughts

 Stacking rings are super popular this year.  The endless variety and myriad of potential looks makes stacking rings an incredibly versatile option to consider adding to your accessory collection.  You can buy in a coordinated set or purchase them individually to make a unique group of rings.  The options seem never ending: birthstones, engraved, mixed metals, textured looks and more.  Combine any and all ring types together for some amazing looks.  Check out some great stacking ring sets in the photo collage above from some amazing Etsy Artisans!

Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces

Trend Watch

Layered Necklaces1. Gold Layer Necklace with Green Amethyst by Landon Lacey.  2. Black Rainbows Beaded Layer Necklace by Unique Creations BB.  3. Black Statement Necklace by Get Noticed.  4. Long Beaded Necklace by Via Minimalist.  5. Gold Double Strand Necklace w/Blue Crystals by Alin Yerushalmi.

This spring, everywhere I look, I see layered necklaces.  These beautiful jewelry pieces run a wide gambit of styles.  Multiple thin chains and delicate pendants mixed together look beautiful and feminine.  Heavier beaded necklaces in bold colours make a bolder statement.  No matter what style you choose to go with, the layered look seems perfect for accentuating lower springtime necklines.  In the photo collage above, you can see some of my favourite layered necklaces from some amazing Etsy artisans!

I’ve made a couple of sample layered necklaces to add to my personal collection.  The first necklace is made from a variety of small glass beads in varying shades of blue.  It measures approximately 48 inches in length and can be worn in several layered styles, including as a bracelet!  The second necklace features Swarovski Crystals in a green ombre colour scheme on delicate silver chains.  Remember, any of Poskett’s lovely pendant necklaces would be a great addition to your layered necklace look!